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The Moscow Orchid Society

In 1912 at the beginning of the 20-th century The Moscow Orchid Society (MOLO)  was founded. The society's leader was a hybridist of rare orchids Ivan Trojyanovsky a therapist, well-known throughout Europe, who was an art collector, a great expert actually. His treatise «The Culture of orchids» was published in 1913 and up to these days has not lost its value and magnificence. The birth of a society became the European event due the publication of an article in January 1913 in the "Orchid World" magazine .The major group of orchid admirers existed in St.-Petersburg. Some people grew up exotic flowers in the province as well. In fact during the period from 1892 to 1917 about 10 books on orchids were published and half of them were Russian ones.

It was a wonderful time for Russian оrchid admirers. Simple orchids could be bought at the farms of Russian empire, more exotic plants one could order from abroad. At the meetings of MSOA its members had an opportunity to study imported samples and to decide whether they are worth buying . The process of getting plants did not cause any financial straits. Rouble was a convertible currency and transport worked with no delays.

It allowed to build up amazing collections which incomparable to the ones abroad. As a matter of fact the collection of precious orchids by F. Kehli, received a gold medal from the city of Gents (Belgium) at the international exhibition of gardening mastery in 1899 in St.-Petersburg. After the death of the owner his collection was immediately bought and exported from Russia.

The cultivation of orchids was widely spread at home . In 1914 Valentina Vishnyakova published her monography «Orchids, storage and looking after them indoors». It is considered to be one of the first works dedicated to orchids in the world.

Our kiths were able to grow up perfect orchids to conduct detailed studies and to tell fascinating stories about them. They were engaged in hybridization and seed duplication - that wasn't easy at those times. Unfortunately, we saved only the image of fine hybrid Оdontoglossum Troyaskianum from those wonderful times.

The Moscow Orchid Society abolished at the beginning of the First World War, but three of its most active members: IvanTrojanovsky, A.Langovoj and Sergey Voronin - planted orchids till the end of their days.

In 1992 a club of orchids' admirers in Moscow "Biofitum" commemorated the 80th anniversary of foundation of MOLO at the State Biological Museum named after K.Timiryazev. The decision was made there to restore MOLO on the basis of a department which already had a huge experience of exhibitions.

It organized the first amateur exhibition of orchids in the USSR and an exposition of orchids at the in-famous VDNH (nowadays the All-Russia Exhibition Centre), a number of expositions abroad and received international recognition. I. Belitsky was the first President of the Society He also represented Russia at the European committee of orchids.

In 2002 I.Belitsky left that post and MOLO has cut their activity short.

In 2004 Sergey Savin with active assistance of Igor  Belitsky and Alexander Ivanov created this website, and the Society was revived in a new format. Thanks to the priceless help of the State Biological Museum, now we have an opportunity to give regular lectures which will take place in the period from October till April. We participate in the organization and following work of different exhibitions on orchids. At our website you can always receive advice concerning growing of various kinds of orchids at home, get acquainted with your soul mates and share your own experience with them. We'll help you to add new objects to your collection of orchids if you decide to order the plants from various countries of the world. Our website actively cooperates with foreign societies dedicated to orchids in Europe and the USA, with St.-Petersburg Society of Orchid's admirers. Our Society unites collectors of orchids from Russia and several other countries and we'll be glad to welcome everyone who is interested in this unusual hobby.

We are always ready to help and support our members. Skilled professionals will help you to look after your collection if you do not have enough time or during your holidays or business trips and you can be absolutely sure that your plants will feel themselves perfectly.


Olga Chernykh - The Head of MOLO site

e-mail: olga@molo.ru

phone: +7-903-582-9269

Web-administrator: admin@molo.ru

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